What are Ethics?

Ethics are standards of conduct that indicate how one should behave based on a set of core principles and beliefs.

This code lays down the fundamental principles of personal and professional conduct expected of all NCNA member nurseries, school age childcare providers and their employees. The code deals with issues that are common to all who work in or avail of childcare settings and thus it could equally be adopted by other childcare groups who are not NCNA members. It deals primarily with the responsibilities of those providing or working in a childcare service, but also explores briefly the responsibilities of service users i.e. families and children. It is intended to act as a model for individual services, which are free to adopt additional measures as required and to integrate it into their existing codes. It could also be useful for those who work on behalf of but not directly with children e.g. support workers and policy developers.

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This publication "Minimum Quality Standards in a Nursery" was written for daycare providers. The principle aim of the publication is to promote the establishment of good practice within the membership of the National Children's Nurseries Association (NCNA).
It is hoped that this publication will provide you with the information and clear direction to help your service reach the expected standard of service delivery. The NCNA, through its regional support workers, will support you in your journey.

The standards are divided into a number of subject categories from Health and Safety to Partnership with Parents. They combine legal requirements and best practice guidelines.

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