"The Real Cost of Childcare"
NCNA Pre Budget Submission 2006
The National Children's Nurseries Association
2006 Pre-budget Submission is calling for

* The introduction of a capitation of 2,500 for each child up to the age of 6 years and paid directly to the provid
* Zero rate V.A.T. for full daycare childcare facilities
* Abolish rates on childcare facilities
* Reassess the Capital Allowance Scheme introduced for developers to build childcare facilities.
Pre-budget Members Survey

The NCNA survey results for 2006 represent the response to our telephone survey conducted in the first three weeks of September. 432 nurseries nationwide completed the process.

The definitions used in the survey:

Baby place fee: Relates to fees charged for are of children less than one year old
Childcare fee: Relates to fees charged for care of children over one year old
Community: Relates to services under the management of voluntary community groups
Private: Relates to services in private ownership
Workplace: Relates to services subsidised by an employer.
Qualified Childcare Worker: Person with Childcare qualifications and more than two years work experience.
Experienced Childcare Worker: Experience of working in childcare but does not hold childcare or relevant qualifications.

National Children's Nurseries Association
Pre Budget Submission 2006-10-16
The Real Cost of Childcare - Additional german informations can be found here.