* You will be a member of a recognised professional body
* Have your voice heard on issues that concern you
* Save money through our

o Group insurance scheme
o Group VHI scheme
o Group pension scheme
o Low cost, high quality training
o Store discount

* Training - Full time Training Co-ordinator
o comprehensive regional in-service training
o NCNA/NUI Diploma Course in Nursery Management
o Tailor Made Training

* Support - Advisory
o NCNA regional support workers provide assistance and advice to all our members from setting up of service through to established childcare services

* Network - Meet with other people in your profession through our network system
* Website - Your service will be on the NCNA web site and can be accessed by parents seeking childcare
* Communication -
o You will receive free copies of the NCNA annual magazine for you and the parents in your service
o You will be updated on all information relating to childcare through our web site and regular circulars
o Parents seeking childcare in your area will be advised of your service

Additional german informations can be found here.

Child Care Membership