(a) The Nursery menu should be constructed around the four main food groups: proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins/minerals.
(b) Menus should be planned in advance and should be displayed for parents. As far as possible the menu should be based on fresh rather than instant or processed foods.
(c) It is both advisable and desirable that young children have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of food tastes and textures as part of their daily diet, however the addition of extra sugar or salt is not necessary. Babies should also be provided with a good variety of textures, preferably fresh foods and by about 12 months should be eating the same food as the other children in the Nursery.
(d) The Nursery should cater for vegetarians and children from different ethnic backgrounds. Special dietary needs, whether religious or medical, should also be catered for and this information can be obtained from parents.
(e) A hot meal should be offered during the day, as well as morning and afternoon snacks. These may be provided by the Nursery or by the parents.
(f) Drinks - milk, water or fruit juices - should be freely available to the children during the day.
(g) While it is not necessary to provide a wide variety of choice with the menu, attention should be paid to presentation and children should not be forced to eat foods which they do not like.
(h) Mealtimes should be pleasant and relaxed for all the children. Children should be seated in sociable groups, providing for interaction with one another. It is important that children develop a healthy attitude towards food and mealtimes. They should not be rushed through a meal or be involved in conflicts with adults over food.
(i) Children should only be offered sweets, crisps or sweetened drinks on special occasions and then only with permission from parents. Parents should be discouraged from giving these `treats' to children to bring into the Nursery.

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