Minimum floor space of 3.70 sq.metres per child should be provided.

2. Requirements - heat, light and ventilation should be in accordance with Guideline 9.

The baby area should be bright and attractive, yet relaxing for the babies and should contain a variety of mobiles, posters, etc., to attract the babies attention and interest. The environment should offer opportunities for babies to explore safely and securely and while a playpen may be used on occasion, babies should not be confined to a small space for long periods of time.

A combination of washable and soft/carpeted surfaces is ideal, as it allows for your babies to play comfortably on the floor, as well as for hygienic maintenance.

(a) Staff ratios as set in Guideline 3 should be observed as a minimum requirement at all times.
(b) Young babies need special care and attention and there ought to be plenty of time for one to one interaction outside of feeding and changing routines.
(c) Babies should be held while being fed and never fed from a propped bottle. This is a time for individual attention and interaction - talking, cuddling, holding, singing.
(d) It is a good idea for staff to have a comfortable chair to use when feeding and or cuddling babies.
(e) The first year is a critical time for a baby in terms of forming relationships which are based on trust and a feeling of security. The baby should be enabled to attach to and identify with a particular carer who is with the baby as much as possible during this time.

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