1. Childcare is a physically demanding job. Nursery workers should be aware of the importance of keeping in good health, both physically and mentally. They should be familiar with the Nursery policy on illness and should comply with this. In addition, staff should be aware of the importance of updating BCG and Rubella vaccinations.

2. Ideally, the working week should not exceed 40 hours. Lunch breaks and morning /afternoon breaks should also be provided. Provision should be made for staff to have their breaks away from the children.

3. It is important that the Nursery manager is aware of the issues of stress as experienced by staff. This can be discussed at staff meetings and possibly addressed when compiling a Safety Statement
(see Workplace Stress, Health and Safety Authority 1989).

4. STAFF ENTITLEMENTS - Employers should be aware of their staffs legal entitlements in relation to the following: paid holidays, fair procedures in relation to discipline/dismissal, minimum notice of termination of employment, the terms of their employment, redundancy, employment equality and maternity leave. Further information is available from the Department of Enterprise and Employment.

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