Good record-keeping is essential for maintaining high quality standards of care.

The Nursery records should include:
1. A written statement of the Policies and Procedures for the Nursery, to enable parents to make an informed choice when booking in their child.
(a) Policies should state the position of the Nursery in relation to: quality of care provided, discipline, parental involvement, food, religious ethos (if any), child illness and emergency procedures.
(b) Procedures should state: opening hours, charges, what parents are expected to provide i.e. clothes, boots etc., what the Nursery provides.

2. The following records should be kept and updated on a regular basis:
(a) Child Enrolment Form. This should include the following information:
(i) Child's first and family name.
(ii) Date of birth.
(iii) Sex.
(iv) Home address and telephone number.
(v) Parent's names, work addresses and telephone numbers.
(vi) Family doctors' name, address and telephone number.
(vii) Date child first attended the service.
(viii) Date child ceased to attend the service.
(ix) Dietary requirements plus any extra special care details relating to the child.
(x) Allergies (if applicable).
(xi) Updated record of immunisations.
(xii) Who is authorised to collect the child.
(xiii) Other emergency contact names and telephone numbers.

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