1. Adequate insurance cover is an essential requirement. The insurance policy obtained should at least cover the following areas:
(i) Public liability, to include cover for outings where applicable, with a minimum Limit of Indemnity of €2539476.16 (£2,000,000) .
(ii) Employer's liability, if there is any other person employed. This should include provision for volunteers, trainees, etc., where applicable.

Individual providers are in the best position to determine the type and extent of insurance most suited to their needs.

3. If it is intended to undertake any extra activities, e.g. outings for the children, the insurers of the service should be notified and any additional cover necessary obtained. In particular, it may be necessary to obtain extra motor insurance cover for staff, volunteers, trainees and others involved in such activities. This also applies when children are collected from school by car.

4. We would draw attention to the fact that providers under the age of majority, 18 years, should ensure that their age does not preclude them from cover under their insurance contracts.

5. A group insurance scheme is now available through the NCNA. For further information, please contact our office.

6. The Nursery is obliged under the terms of the insurance to report any accident or occurrence which might give rise to a claim.

Additional german informations can be found here.