Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence Award NCNA members have always recognised and promoted the value of providing quality daycare for each individual child in their care. Quality childcare positively influences children's earliest experiences in daycare and plays a vital role in their future development. It has long been accepted among childcare providers and parents that NCNA members deliver quality daycare. The All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award acknowledges the NCNA/NIPPA members who are providing excellent standards of care for children in Ireland.

Childcare services who wish to apply for this award will be assessed and successful applicants will receive "The NCNA/NIPPA All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award" for display. The award demonstrates to parents, visitors and members of the public a commitment to quality and success in implementing and maintaining consistently high standards of excellence.

In order to bring the Centre of Excellence in line with the calendar year the time scale for applications will be shorter this year. Therefore Nurseries can apply at any time from now on for this year's award. Applications will be accepted up to Friday October 21st and Validation Visits will be completed before Christmas. The Presentation of Awards will be held early in 2007. Your Regional Support Worker will help and guide you through the process.

How do I apply?

NCNA/NIPPA members who wish to apply for this award should complete the attached application form and return it to the NCNA office along with 65 for the Self Evaluation Profile (SEP) document. You will then receive the SEP document within one week of receipt of your application.

What is a Self Evaluation Profile?

The Self Evaluation profile is the method by which you assess your centre. You will be asked to assess yourself against a number of criteria, listed below - Additional german informations can be found here.