Centre of Excellence Award

When I have completed my SEP what do I do next?

Once your SEP is completed it is returned to the NCNA office with all the comprehensive paperwork relating to it. You need to enclose €200 for the next stage of the process. You will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your SEP, a checklist of paperwork and payment received.

What happens next?

A Validation Team will be assigned to your service. This team will assess your SEP and paperwork. At this stage it will be decided if your service will receive a validation visit. If your service is not receiving a validation visit your Regional Support Worker will contact you to discuss why your service will not be proceeding to the next stage.

How long will I have to wait for my visit?

A visit will be scheduled within 8 weeks of your SEP and paperwork/documentation having been received by the NCNA office.

Your validation visit date cannot be changed, so ensure that you are conscious of this when scheduling holidays etc. in relation to choosing when you return your SEP. NCNA may conduct non-notified visits in addition to the above.

What happens on a Validation Visit?

Two NCNA staff conduct the validation visit. (In nurseries catering for more than 100 children, three staff will visit). 10 days advance notice of the visit will be given and followed up with a phone call 3 working days before your visit. The visit commences at 8.30am.

Additional german informations can be found here.